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Financial Services - Risk and Compliance.

Karin Lockovitch is an accomplished Risk and Compliance
Executive.  Across her two decades in the financial industry, she has cultivated a reputation for being a visionary and motivating leader, able to drive impactful change in an organization, and a thought leader in the adoption of innovation and the evolution of Risk and Compliance programs.

Karin has a long career of increasing levels of responsibility in the banking industry. She has served as the Chief Compliance Officer at several large regional banks and had the unique opportunity to work in a variety of Bank models, including Retail Banks, a Commercial Bank, a Foreign-owned Bank, Industrial Banks, Fintech and Digital financial service models, and diversified Bank models.

She has had responsibility for an expansive scope of products and services that include traditional retail bank products, traditional lending products (incl. indirect, warehouse lending, commercial and consumer, secured and unsecured, and super-prime, prime and sub-prime), Mortgage, Credit Card, Investment products and services, and across all acquisition and delivery channels. She has worked with all regulatory bodies, including International regulators, and she has had the great opportunity to build, lead and mature risk programs that span virtually all risk disciplines, having spent a number of years in Finance and Credit related risk before moving into Compliance and Regulatory risk disciplines.

Karin is currently providing consulting services in the Banking and Financial Services industry, and is speaking and teaching at industry events.

Please see below and on her blog for organizations, resources, information, and upcoming events pertinent to her work.

If you are interested in contacting Karin for consulting projects and/or speaking engagements, please contact her at:

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American Bankers Association
Consumer Bankers Association
Risk Management Association
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
Banking Policy Institute
Institute of International Bankers
Utah Bankers Association
California Bankers Association
Utah Center for Financial Services
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