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Nonprofit & Advocacy Work

Karin Lockovitch is passionate about giving back to her community. Through participating as a Board member or a community volunteer, she has worked for many years to support those underprivileged in her community, with a special focus on the prevention of child abuse and neglect, the protection and education of children and families, and inspiring young women and children to achieve their goals.

See below and on Karin’s blog for links to organizations Karin has supported, and related resources, and information.

Girl Scouts of America & Girl Scouts of Utah

Like many young girls in America, Karin Lockovitch developed on her leadership skills as a Girl Scout.  In her view, Girl Scouts of America is an incredibly empowering organization that inspires young girls to become the future leaders of the nation.  Lockovitch continues to support the organization as a Board Member of her local chapter.

Girl Scouts of America strives to help girls thrive.  Although GSA’s delicious treats have made the organization a household name, being a Girl Scout is about so much more than selling cookies.  The foundation of Girl Scouts of America is its drive to instill an unwavering sense of leadership in its members. The goal of Girl Scouts is to help every girl be a G.I.R.L. — Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader.

Prevent Child Abuse

Previously, Karin Lockovitch was a board member of a local chapter of Prevent Child Abuse.  For many years, Prevent Child Abuse has worked diligently to protect children by educating them on how to recognize abuse and empowering them to report abuse when necessary.  Education-based, this organization advocates for children by influencing them to embrace their own strengths. All programs initiated by PCA are free and age appropriate — breaking down lessons into visual aids and interactive activities that effectively engage with children in various communities.

Utah Children’s Justice Centers

Utah Children’s Justice Centers are dedicated to protecting and representing children who have been abused.  UCJC works directly with representatives in law enforcement, child protection, medical services and victim advocacy.  The goal of Children’s Justice Centers is to respond to child abuse allegations in ways that are effective and also minimize trauma for the child involved.  The organization is committed to providing victims of child abuse with the resources and representation they need to recover.

Girls on the Run  

Continuing with her passion for empowering young women, Karin Lockovitch is also a proud member of Girls on the Run International.  Girls on the Run is a 501 non-profit organization dedicated to influencing girls to boldly pursue their dreams through the inspiration of running.  More than just a liberating physical activity, running is a dynamic source of inspiration and motivation. Lockovitch particularly enjoys the sense of camaraderie and partnership that the organization’s ‘running buddies’ inspires.  As a board member of the non-profit, Karin Lockovitch hopes to encourage girls and young women to motivate and inspire each other. Understanding that mental and physical influences often balance off of each other, Girls on the Run inspires its participants to develop strength from the inside out!

United Way – Women United

Women United is a global force that currently engages girls and women in over 165 communities and 6 countries.  A division of United Way Worldwide, Women United focuses specifically on empowering and encouraging women through advocacy, mentoring and educational initiatives.  Karin Lockovitch is currently a member of her local United Way chapter.


YWCA is a women-led organization dedicated to empowering women, eliminating racism, and standing up for social justice causes.  Community-centric, helping families is at the forefront of YWCA’s efforts and initiatives. Founded in 1850, YWCA was established with two clear goals in mind:  civil rights and women’s empowerment. These two focuses have driven the organization for more than 160 years. YWCA is one of the largest women’s organizations in the United States of America with over 2 million women and girls engaged in its efforts. 

Planned Parenthood

Karin Lockovitch is an advocate for Planned Parenthood.  More than just an abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood is dedicated to safely providing individuals in need with health and wellness resources.  Lockovitch is a firm believer in the nonprofit’s dedication to educating the public about emergency contraception, birth control, pregnancy, sex and relationship, sexual oritentation and gender, STDs, cancer and so much more.

Other Impactful Organizations:

RAINN – Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
National Children’s Alliance
Darkness to Light – End Child Sexual Abuse