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Karin Lockovitch Women's leadership

Early on in her career, Karin Lockovitch realized her passion for empowering and promoting women in education and professionally.

As a child of a large family, Karin learned early that her professional and personal pursuits would come through her own tenacity, hard work and dedication.

She did not have the luxury of college that was paid for, and so became an expert at the money management and the school loan process, often providing guidance to college students around her. She worked several jobs at any given time, including being a Resident Assistant starting her sophomore year to help reduce costs, working in the Campus Union food court, as an usher in the Fine Arts Center, a student academic advisor in the Student Counseling Office, taking calls the University Rape Crisis line, and holding an off campus clerical job. In spite of this, she managed to still participate in the 5-College Women’s Choir, work as a Research Assistant, and obtain sufficient credits to graduate Cum Laude a semester early, once her student loans had maxed out. Karin applied this similar determination to her career, taking advantage of all opportunities that came her way, and becoming an EVP and Chief Compliance Officer by the age of 40.

In recognizing her good luck, and the opportunities, mentors, corporate culture, and skills that enabled her to defy the odds and establish herself as a successful leader, she wanted to help provide similar opportunity to other women, those still young and those that surround her in her career and her community.

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